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Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) of Albania http://ama.gov.al/index.php?lang=en
National Commission on TV and Radio of Armenia-NCTR http://www.tvradio.am/
National Television and Radio Council of Azerbaijan Republic http://www.ntrc.gov.az/
Council for Electronic Media of Bulgaria- CEM http://www.cem.bg/
Georgian National Communication Commission http://www.gncc.ge/?lang_id=ENG
Greek NCRTV http://www.esr.gr/arxeion-xml/pages/esr/esrSite/get-index
Council for Coordination of The Audiovisual Activity in Moldova http://www.cca.md/
National Audiovisual Council of Romania http://www.cna.ro/-English-.html
Ministry of Telecom And Mass Communication of The Russian Federation http://minsvyaz.ru/
Electronic Media Regulatory Authority of Serbia www.rem.rs
Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey http://www.rtuk.org.tr
National TV and Broadcasting Council of Ukraine http://www.nrada.gov.ua/
BRAF 2018 Meeting Was Held on 4-5 October, 2018 in Bucharest-Romania

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